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JK는 매년 좋은일에 동참하여 세상의 작은빛이 되기를 희망하는 단체입니다. 

2010년 창업이래로 여러분의 수강료의 일부와 공연등의 수익금 등으로 생활이

어렵고 불편한  국내어르신들과 청소년들,갈곳없이 학대당해 버려진 유기견묘를

사료후원과 필요한 물품을 지원하며 후원하고 있습니다.


또 , 캄보디아에서 물이없어 빗물이나 1시간을 걸어야 진흙물을 마실수있는

마을 곳곳에 깨끗한 물이 나올수있도록 우물을 파주고 비를 피할수없는 지붕에

작게나마 도움이 되고자 집을 지어주는 일 등을 하고 있습니다. 


선한영향력으로 세상의 작은빛이 되고자합니다.

JK is an organization that aims to illuminate the world by participating in various donation every year.

Since its establishment in 2010, part of the tuition fees, performances, etc. have been donated. We support domestic seniors and teenagers who are having difficulty with living and disabled. We are also supporting the institution that helps abandoned dogs and cats that have been abused and abandoned without a place to go by providing feed and other necessary items.


Moreover, we’ve been making donation for the village in Cambodia where there is not water to drink so that they have to walk for an hour to drink muddy water. We make dig a well to provide then clean water, and also build a few houses for them to avoid the rain.


We aim to become a small light in the world by making good influences consistently.

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