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Pole dance & Professional Aerial Arts Company

Thank you for visiting JK Dance Studio!

JK Dance Studio is a dance studio with more than 100 People stars, actors, comedians, and announcers. 

In addition, it is the dance studio that broadcasted the most TV broadcast media in Korea.

JK master lecturer is active in Korean dramas, CFs, singer concerts, musical choreographies, and is working as artistic director and film choreographer.

Additionally, our studio was the first in Korea to incorporate Zumba, Burlesque, Pole Dance, etc. We live up to this reputation by internationally networking with studios overseas and welcoming international students. Over half of our members are foreigners which allows everyone to make friends all around the world! Our studio provides dance programs based on our very own self-created curriculum. The classes can be taken as hobbies or with a professional purpose.

It's in our best interest to offer everyone a memorable experience!


TV Program
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